Trump’s First 100 & Next 100 For LGBTQ Rights

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Trump’s First 100 & Next 100 For LGBTQ Rights

Dan Savage raised over $100,000 from 5,000 people by selling t-shirts, pins and hats that read “Impeach the Motherfucker Already” or ITMFA.

“We’re in for a long and ugly four years, readers. Let’s raise some money for groups fighting Trump, let’s bring ITMFA back into our everyday vocabulary, and let’s remember that we — people who voted against Trump, people who want to see him out of office as quickly as possible, people who are appalled by this andthis and this and this—are the majority.” — Dan Savage

And Dan is right. In his first 100 days CNN reports that “One hundred days of Trump translates into 100 days of erasure for the LGBTQ community,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of advocacy group GLAAD. “From the census exclusion, to rescinding Obama’s guidance for trans youth in schools, and lack of any LGBTQ mentions on the White House website, he has spent the early days of his administration trying to remove us from the very fabric of this country, and we must resist.”

And what next? The religious liberty law pushed by the conservative Christian right is looming ever closer. A Huffington Post commentator writes, “Trump removed Eric Fanning as Army Secretary, appointed by President Obama and the first openly gay Army Secretary in history, and has now nominated an anti-LGBTQ Tennessee legislator, Mark Green, to the job ― a man who sponsored a bill allowing discrimination against LGBTQ people and who has called transgender people ‘evil.”’ Read the rest here.