Henry McGregor Sias

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Henry McGregor Sias

Henry McGregor Sias is a transgender attorney running for Court of Common Pleas judge here in Philadelphia. “To have the city look at me as an out trans guy and elect me would send the message that trans people are a part of our community and have a lot to contribute,” Sias said in an interview with Phily.com. You can read the full interview here.

Henry Sias would be the first out trans judge in Philadelphia. On April 28th he was recommended by the Philadelphia Bar Association for the Court of Common Pleas. In an interview with Phillymag.com he talked about the landscape for LGBTQ people.

“As an out trans attorney, I think Philadelphia is improving on its handling of LGBTQ issues, but there is always room for more growth! I’m excited about the Mayor’s Commission on LGBTQ Affairs. There are so many wonderful people in that group, and I can’t wait to see what they do when they combine their talents. The citizens of Philadelphia themselves have been very kind to me, overall, especially given that I was approaching them with clipboard and pen on random street corners of the city during the petition period (and we all know how much people love being approached with a clipboard and pen!). I was warmly received by so many Philadelphians while I was loudly outing myself as trans, and that will be a great memory from the campaign trail that I keep throughout my life.

“Sometimes people in government lead, and that’s when they are at their best, and sometimes they are caught flat-footed and go into reaction mode. What happens then is seldom as satisfying and workable in the long-term. I think the Commission on LGBTQ Affairs puts the city in a good position to lead rather than react, and I am also enthusiastic about seeing Amber Hikes’s vision for her office. I love that Amber Hikes and Sharron Cooks are leading a “Pop-Up Love Party” to counter the trans deniers that are taking their ignorance on the road and possibly bringing it to Philly this weekend.” Read the full interview here.