Play Group for GNC Kids

Play Group For GNC Kids (Transgender and Gender Nonconforming) Ages 4-10

Play group for GNC Kids provides an opportunity for children to experience time with other kids who are also transgender or gender nonconforming.  The children play, do arts and crafts and talk about concerns or questions they are having with regard to gender.  This is not a therapy group but an opportunity for kids to be surrounded by and play with children who have similar “gender histories” without having to explain themselves. This is also an opportunity for parents to mingle with a peer group who “get it.” Kids are welcome to present in whatever gender expression feels most comfortable to them.

Play group for  GNC kids meets on the first Saturday of each month from 1-2:30. There are two criteria for participating in the Play Group for GNC Kids Any child participant’s parents or caregivers must be in the parent’s support group, which meets concurrently down the hall. This adult (or adults) must also meet with Dr. Angello prior to the day of the group.  The play group for GNC kids is facilitated by Angie Dion, LMFT.