Support Groups

Community is a large part of anyones life. It is also a large part of accepting ones self when coming out as transgender. Dr. Angello has created more than one specific transgender support group in Philadelphia that seek to create a sense of community for those in the Delaware Valley. In her many years of practice, Dr. Angello has discovered that a transgender support group in Philadelphia not only cultivate community amongst transsexual women, transgender youth, and parents of transgender youth, but also foster a sense of normalcy for those who are often used to being ostracized or feel apart from society. Together with Dr. Angello, attendees help to address difficult monthly hurtles and praise each others’ moments of significance.

“I am proud to say that my practice is also the meeting place for a national transgender support group in Philadelphia (Renaissance Transgender Association) that meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Subsequently, I facilitate transgender support groups in Philadelphia for trans-youth, MTF transsexual adults, and parents of trans-youth.

-Dr. Angello


Available Support Groups